World Book Kids

An encyclopedia site where students can search and explore topics of interest. Topics include maps, geography, people, animals, sports, hobbies, art, and more


This sit offers a variety of nonfiction resources. This site is used in our elementary libraries, so students may be familiar with it already. Students need a password; this may be found in the information provided in the end-of-year report card.


This site offers a variety of creation tools to develop writing skills by making books, movies, pictures, or art. This offers various levels of challenge for students.

Toon Book Reader

Online graphic novels for early readers. Students can read independently, or read with a parent or buddy to help them control pace and comprehension.

Storyline Online

Students will enjoy reading these informational texts and choosing an activity to process their knowledge!

Loving to Learn

Online books and animated stories for emerging readers. The books are informative and well illustrated, so they will easily capture the interest of all students.

We Give Books

On this site, students can choose from an excellent selection of choices-- and every book your child completes, they can choose a charity that will receive a book on their behalf!

Fun Brain

Popular online books, Mad Libs, and a variety of word study games. Students develop their understanding of plurals, grammar, and parts of speech.

PBS kids

The possibilities here are endless. Fun educational games!

Fun School

This site offers games for students to match words to definitions. Playing these games will develop students' vocabulary.

Word Family Sort

Sort words based on short vowel patterns, supplementing your child's word study.

Word Sort

Take word sorting to a new level! Select an appropriate grade level, and challenge yourself even more!

Reading and word study

This site offers several components. It provides students with games to build their language skills. Parents can utilize videos that explain why-- and how-- to work with your students on these skills.

**Reading and Word Study**

Much like the previous site, this one also offers various ways students can build their language skills.

Reading Rockets

A variety of resources for parents: tips, blogs, explanations, and videos to help you assist your child with learning.

Word Sorts

For parents who want to print an activity for a rainy day or take in the car on your way to the beach!